I have an unhealthy obsession with news and how people get it. I’ve turned this into a career as a social video journalist with a proven track record of launching new forms of storytelling on mobile platforms at traditional media companies.

This obsession with engaging audiences on social grew exponentially during my year launching the Facebook Live team at The New York Times. In this position, I covered the Inauguration, the Oscars and the 2016 Election. The majority of the 4-6 videos I produced each day are ideas that I pitched to our Executive Producer. Of the 130 million views our facebook lives have received in total, 85 million of them come from videos I produced. Eight of our top 10 highest viewed videos are pieces I produced. Because I was already in the field producing live content, I routinely also did Snapchat takeovers. I called on my background in TV production, which I earned in my time at NBC News, as I developed rundowns, pitched daily news stories and had to quickly turn out content to get it ready for a live show. The challenge of live video helped me learn to fact-check quickly and effectively while continuing to engage the audience. I’ve also reported on breaking news by reporting in the field using both FS7s and C100 cameras.

Prior to my work at The Times, I was a host and digital video producer at USA Today. I launched their first Facebook video series, CollegeNow, in which I pitched, shot, wrote, edited and hosted five videos per week. This was the USAT’s highest viewed series at the time. I created weekly audience development reports which I turned into actionable insights to inform my pieces too.

I’m currently a video producer at New York magazine, where I’m producing simultaneous video series from start to finish. This involves booking, storyboarding, writing scripts, going in the field and shooting on Sony cameras, editing and creating graphics for my videos. I’m currently producing a series I pitched on the uptick in women running for office across the country. My experience producing in the field and my work turning day of news explainers allows me to produce several videos at a time while maintaining journalistic integrity in my work.